Gender and the Politics of Shame is a workshop arising from a research project by Newton International Fellow, Clara Fischer.

Details on the project and workshop below:



The Politics of Shame: Containment, Gender, and Embodiment is a research project funded by the British Academy. It develops the concept of the politics of shame by exploring states' incarceration of unwanted populations, and by theorising contemporaneous discourses underlying justifications for such incarceration. The project draws on pragmatist and continental philosophies of emotion and embodiment, and problematises the disciplined, gendered body, focusing particularly on the Irish context. The project will result in several publications, including a monograph tentatively titled Ireland's Affective Politics: Shame, Embodiment, and Gender. 


Gender and the Politics of Shame is a workshop bringing together activists and scholars from a variety of disciplines. It investigates the role shame plays in the formation of past and present subjectivities, in galvanising advocacy and resistance, and in the construction of citizens and nations. Shame is problematised as a somatic, affective experience that is often thought to be gendered, and is frequently manipulated in a politics of emotion that constructs gendered Others as shameful.  We invite participants to explore these and related themes on Gender and the Politics of Shame with us at the London School of Economics and Political Science on 14th November. 

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